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Resort Weddings

Resort Weddings

Get Married at the Destination of Your Dreams!

Finding the love of your life and planning your wedding should be an exciting adventure, which is why destination weddings are becoming very popular.

Saying “I do” at a fabulous resort at some mystery place in the world could be just the kind of romantic get-a-away you and your family will love! Instead of considering a reception for 150 in the local hotel ballroom, why not replace that with an amazing wedding-cation to Naples, Italy.

Working with a premier wedding destination like Resort Cala Moresca in Naples means your wedding daydreams are paired with outstanding, professional event planners who are skilled at working with clients from around the world. Any friends and family, who are invited to join you, will be spoiled by the vacation of a lifetime while sharing in a truly unique wedding experience.

Destination weddings allow for the complete focus of the day to be on the couple. Working with event planners at resorts is easy, and they can connect you with excellent local vendors, as well as giving you all the best insider tips, like the best spots for creating the kind of outstanding wedding portraiture that Iryna Shoskak is known for.

Getting to step outside the norm and capture cities and locations rooted in history and romance like the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Ischia islands in Italy, means the ability to create a truly one-of-a-kind wedding album.

If you want to fly somewhere closer, Mexico is a great choice for your beach wedding. Exploring new cities and coastlines, like Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda, is a breathtaking challenge.

The sway of the palm trees, the sapphire blue water, and an endless horizon transport your vows to a truly magical place. Waking up in luxury, and then starting your honeymoon in a resort location like this cuts your planning, and your spending, in half when your wedding day and your honeymoon merge at a resort wedding.

A bonus to a resort wedding is that there is a lot more ‘you’ time, and a lot ‘they’ time. Instead of being worried about guests, the catering, or the normal hustle and bustle of a wedding, you and your beloved get to truly be together in a fantastic resort location. During your wedding ceremony, capturing those moments of intimate connection in a picturesque place is something we truly love to do. The joy, affection, and bond which you have just made are almost tangible and an honor to capture.

While it might seem overwhelming to plan a destination wedding at a luxury resort, the truth is that many couples enjoy the freedom of investing their money on an event that is truly designed for them in the location of their dreams. Starting your marriage off in bliss at a resort wedding could be exactly what you need this year!

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