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Flawlessly Charming, Black Tie Weddings at Cescaphe Ballroom and Tendenza

Philadelphia’s premier wedding brand, Cescaphe, is host to several outstanding wedding venues in the city, including the glamorous Tendenza. A space where black tie grace meets vintage charm, Tendenza boasts a unique, extended cocktail hour that will have wedding guests talking about for years to come.

Ceremonies at Cescaphe are the peak of romance. Delicate drapes frame the altar at the center of the room at the end of the aisle, illuminated by carefully placed lights that don’t interrupt the ambiance of the space. Gorgeous and elegant black candle chandeliers hang from exposed steel beams, while candles warm the space, their light dancing across the reclaimed wood floors creating a stunning reflection of the couple as they say I do. Capturing the intimate ceremony moments as they unfold in this gorgeous and intimate space is an artistic challenge I embrace.

Tendenza is located just down the street from Cescaphe Ballroom. Friends and family will be treated to the popular Cescaphe signature cocktail hour-and-a-half in the three-tiered space at Tenendza. This incredibly popular multi-level cocktail venue includes the Main Cocktail Room, the Catwalk, as well a Mezzanine, where guests have space to truly get the party started! The Main Cocktail Room boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and an impressive central bar brimming with the finest liquors from around the world. More than just a time of transition, a Tendendza Cocktail Hour is a party within the party as guests enjoy signature drinks and top-shelf liquors. Before festivities begin, I love working with a couple in each of these spaces especially the colorful lights and colors of the main bar.

The party moves to the stunning Tendenza ballroom, where stylish elegance blends seamlessly with the industrial chic and original charm of the building. Exposed brick walls rise up to meet the exposed wood beams which have been carefully decorated with multiple crystal chandeliers and candelabras. This state of the art space offers couples a touch of modern with customized lighting designs and audio-visual effects while embracing the authentic charm of this stunning space. Guests can enjoy a plated dinner at tables fathered around the large dancefloor or seated farm style.

Couples can choose to have their ceremony in the ballroom, adjourning to the Cocktail hour while the experienced staff recreates the space into your dream reception space. Your personal Maître D works incredibly hard to make sure the day is executed with precision, and your guests’ needs are taken care of at every turn of the day.

This kind of expert wedding planning means a stress-free and relaxed day for the couple, and I really appreciate the attention to detail at Tendenza. From the carefully planned layout of every room to the hand-curated décor, every space offers unique and inspiring portrait backdrops. The reflections on the wood floor, the vibrant color of the exposed brick wall all come together with pristine sophistication with a touch of urban flair; it’s the perfect mix to inspire any photographer.

Cescaphe Ballroom

Address: 923 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Phone: (215) 238-5750


Address: 969 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Phone: (215) 238-5750

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