Iryna Shostak Photography

Wedding Photographs

Collection of wedding photographs featuring favorite examples, getting ready moments, ceremonies, portraits, details, and receptions.

Favorite Wedding Photographs

These photographs represent favorites photos created by wedding photographer Iryna Shostak--a renowned photographer serving South Jersey.

Getting Ready

Extensive collection of photographs taken during bride's and groom's getting ready

Wedding Ceremony Photographs: South Jersey

Wedding ceremony photographs from the top venues and churches in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Wedding Day Portraits: South Jersey

The considerable portfolio of the best wedding portraits created at +100 weddings in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Favorite Venues

The portfolio of images taken at top wedding venues in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York.

Details & Decor

wedding details, wedding decor, wedding bouquet, wedding floral arrangements, wedding bands, wedding rings, wedding dress, wedding invitations,

Destination Weddings

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