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Getting married in a church is the perfect choice for couples of faith or couples who want a wedding steeped in tradition. A church wedding adds a spiritual dimension to marriage, and many faiths consider it a sacrament.

There are approximately 110 churches in Philadelphia and 4 Cathedrals. Interestingly, the city of Philadelphia was founded by William Penn, who encouraged religious freedom, and there are many different faiths in Philadelphia. The majority of the churches in the city are located in Center City.

Churches are often beautiful and decorative and are stunning places for wedding photography as well as sacred spaces. Because they are sacred, photographers need to abide by the rules of the church for weddings. Still, most have policies that allow photography during the ceremony and also allow photos to be taken inside for family photos as well as bride and groom portraits.

One popular photo that bridal couples like taken at the church is the photo of the newly married couple leaving the church on the front stairs. This iconic photo symbolizes the start of their new life together and is often celebrated by friends and family by throwing rice, waving ribbons, or throwing rose petals.

Another advantage of church weddings is you need very little to dress up the space. Many churches are adorned with amazing statues and even painted frescos on the walls and ceilings. Couples love to take advantage of these spots for beautiful wedding photos.

History and amazing architecture is also something that couples love about getting married in Philadelphia churches. Many larger churches have soaring ceilings, beautiful stained-glass window installations, and gilded religious icons inside that can be hundreds of years old. Gothic arches and marble staircases make a perfect place for wedding party portraits, and of course, for more photos of the bride and groom.

Iryna Shostak Photography has photographed church weddings of many faiths in Philadelphia, including Catholic, Protestant, Episcopal, and many other faiths. Contact Iryna Shostak to discuss the details of your wedding ceremony in the church in Philadelphia!

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