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Frequently Asked Questions

It is truly important that I work with the right couples who value photography and my creative skills and because of this I do not take every wedding that I am approached about. You deserve the absolute best! That is why it is so important that you make sure Iryna Shostak Photography is the right choice for you.

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Do you edit all the photos?

I personally edit all the images from your wedding. This gives them a beautiful, cohesive look that you hired me for!

How long until we get our photos after the wedding?

When I get home from photographing your wedding I choose one beautiful image to share with you as I carefully back up your wedding photos. I love this part of the day as I get to reflect on the magic of your wedding! When you wake up after your wedding you’ll be able to view this photo as you start your new life together. I’ll have a sneak peek gallery of about 20-30 images to share within a week. Your full gallery of all your wedding photos will be available a few weeks after the sneak peek.

How will we view the photos?

I use a secure online image gallery called Shootproof. It’s very easy to use, and you can share your photos as well as download them to your computer to print out. You can also purchase gift prints from the site if you wish!

Do we get the digital files?

All of my photos are delivered digitally, and you will have a fully curated, edited gallery available online.

Are the digital files watermarked?

The photos are not watermarked in any way. You may print your photos and share them with friends with no worries about logos or watermarks.

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How many photos will we receive?

In general, I usually deliver about 50-100/images per hour of coverage. This can vary depending on the events at your wedding, the size of your wedding and other factors. I never limit the number of photos I deliver, my aim is to tell the story of your day.

Can we see outtakes?

Anything that does not make the final cut is because it is unflattering (such as blinking or awkward expressions) or because of technical issues or because it is an inferior duplicate. Every photo that you will receive will be of the highest quality!

Do you retouch the photos?

When I am photographing your wedding I am often composing the photo in my head before I take the shot. To me, it only makes sense that I am the one who retouches them because I consider your photos to be like my babies, very precious! In the retouching process, I am often using my skills learned in editorial and fashion retouching to make sure they look amazing.

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What if we want extra prints, can we order from you?

Of course! My lab uses only the highest grade photography paper and archival ink for outstanding results. You can even utilize the Shootproof gallery to see how your photos will look on a wall in your house! I’m always happy to help you choose wall art of your wedding photos for your home, just ask!

Do you offer wedding albums?

I appreciate wedding albums because they are so treasured by future generations. I use handmade albums by Finao because they have such a great array of sizes, album covers and other options to personalize. I’d love to show you some, get in touch!

Do you offer engagement photos? What’s included with the sessions?

I love engagement photos and I think everyone should do them. It’s like test driving a car! We have that time to get to know each other and find out if it’s a right fit. It’s also likely that you haven’t been photographed professionally very often, so I think the engagement session helps people relax and feel more confident about the photos on the wedding day. Sessions generally last about two hours and can include an outfit change if you wish. During the session, we will have fun, and I’ll create some amazing photos for you! I’ll do a nice blend of classic portraiture with some special effects like silhouettes, backlighting, and double exposures.

Can we provide you with a “must take” photo list?

Of course! I like to know what’s important to you. Your photo lists, your priorities, and your Pinterest boards or vision boards all help me understand what you love!

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What kind of photo equipment do you use?

  • Nikon D850 (X2)
  • Nikon D4
  • Nikon D750
  • Nikon 14-24mm f2.8
  • Nikon tilt-shift 24 mm f3.5
  • Nikon 28 mm f1.4
  • Lensbaby Sweet 35mm F2.5
  • Sigma Art 35mm f1.4
  • Nikon tilt-shift 45mm f2.8
  • Lensbaby Sweet 50mm f2.5
  • Nikon 50 mm f1.4
  • Lensbaby Edge 80mm f2.8
  • Nikon 85mm f1.4
  • Nikon 70-200mm f2.8
  • Nikon 105mm f1.4
  • Nikon 105 mm f2.8 macro
  • Godox TT 685 Speedlight
  • Godox AD 200 (X3)
  • MagMod Box
  • Magsphere
  • Magbounce
  • Magbeam kit
  • Magsnoot
  • Maggrid (X5)
  • Magmask Pattern Set (X3)
  • Standard, creative and artistic sets of gels
  • Westcott Omega reflector kit 360 (40")
  • Matthews Aluminum/Steel Triple Riser Combo Stand 14.75"(X3)
  • Flashpoint Autostand 9" (X3)
  • Bags and other accessories:
  • Think Tank Photo Airport International V 2.0 Rolling Camera Bag
  • Think Tank Photo Production Manager 40 Rolling Gear Case
  • SpiderPro Dual Camera System

Do you have insurance?

I take my career very seriously, and I am fully insured. Many venues insist on proof of insurance to make sure that they do not have photographers who are not insured! I consider carrying insurance my guarantee to you that I am invested in my career and your wedding day.

Can you hold a date for us?

I work on a first come-first serve basis. There’s only one me, and only one of your wedding day! If you want to work with me, I require a 50% retainer and the date is yours.

What is your payment schedule?

A 50% retainer is required to secure my services and the balance is due 30 days before the wedding.

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Can we pay you the balance after the wedding?

If you need to pay after the wedding I am happy to accommodate you, however, your photos will not be edited until payment in full. This may mean you go behind the in editing queue and I will work on other weddings until the balance is paid.

When should we book you for our wedding?

It’s not unusual for me to book popular dates 18 months to two years in advance, so the sooner the better! Prime Saturdays (May-October) and holiday dates book out very quickly, so don’t delay getting in touch if your wedding is on those days.

If things run late, will you stay longer?

I will never leave your wedding if you want me to stay longer! We can discuss this at the wedding and I’ll send you an invoice for the extra time, no need to worry about paying on the day.

Do you offer discounts for off-season or non-Saturday weddings?

It’s not unusual for me to photograph 3 weddings in a week, so I do not offer any discounts on weddings. However, I may have more limited packages that may work for your needs, so please inquire.

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Do we need to feed you at the reception?

I do not require a meal at the reception, but I always appreciate being asked! I am a vegan so some venues can be a challenge for me to find something to eat. I always bring some of my own food and snacks so you don’t need to worry.

Can our friends and family take photos at the reception?

Of course, I know they want to capture their own memories! The only thing I ask is that they are not in front of me during the time I am taking crucial photographs. I find most people are very respectful, but if they interfere with my job I am not shy about asking them to move.

Do you have experience photographing in various lighting situations?

I have extensive experience in lighting, it’s one of my signature styles that I can make great photos anywhere. I’ve made photos in a blizzard, in a parking lot and in beautiful venues. I’ve photographed many kinds of cultures, including 3-day Indian weddings that require a very strong knowledge of lighting and long, fast-paced days. I use a variety of off-camera flashes and advanced lighting techniques to create images that absolutely could not be captured by an amateur photographer.

Do you book more than one wedding in a weekend?

I’m high energy, highly motivated person and I am used to long days and I’m not afraid of hard work! I work diligently in my life to keep my mind and body sharp, so I am prepared for anything at a wedding. I often book Friday, Saturday and Sunday weddings because I know that I can handle the workload both physically and mentally. I also photograph Indian weddings which are often 3-5 day affairs.

What happens if you are sick and can’t make it to our wedding?

I’ve never been so sick that I could not photograph a wedding. However, in the unlikely event that I was so incapacitated that I could not be at your wedding, I do have contingencies in place with other talented photographers that have a similar style.

Do you have backup equipment?

I have back up of every single piece of equipment I own with me at every wedding. It’s critically important that a professional photographer is ready for any scenario, including equipment breaking or failure.

Do you charge for travel?

Weddings further than 50 miles from zip code 08004 will incur a charge. Please inquire with specifics and I can get you a quote!

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Have you photographed at our venue before?

If I have never photographed at your venue I do a scouting trip before the wedding. This allows me to asses the lighting and other important factors that will affect your photos. On your wedding day itself, I will be on location an hour before I begin coverage to see how the lighting is on the day, and to pre-visualize locations for portraits.

I don’t photograph well..can you help?

I hear this all the time! You just haven’t met the right photographer! Through careful posing and lighting, everyone looks great. I’m there with you every step of the way, showing you some tips and tricks so that you photograph beautifully.

We have a strict budget. Will you work with us?

I have yet to meet clients who didn’t have a budget! I’m happy to work with a budget if you are willing to make concessions on time or product if I am available for your date. To be fair to all of my clients I do not offer discounts or work gratis for wedding photography.

How many weddings have you photographed?

I have been shooting weddings professionally in Ukraine since 2010. I moved to the USA in September 2016 so I just give you numbers of weddings I have shot in the USA.

2016 - 1 as a primary photographer.

2017 - 15 as a primary photographer and 13 as a second one.

2018 - 32 as a primary photographer and 26 as a second one.

2019 - 43 as a primary photographer and 22 as a second one.

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