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Oheka Castle Wedding Photography

Maybe it comes from beloved childhood stories steeped in fairytales, but it seems that everyone loves a royal wedding. The stone and architecture of an estate, like the Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York, is said to be the grandest castle in America and is certainly an amazing wedding venue.

An escape from city life, flanked by winding pathways and quaint English-style gardens complete with mazes of stonework and greenery, venues like the Oheka mean you can have a royal wedding of your own.

Certainly, one of the most popular ways to enter your wedding is by horse-drawn carriage. As the long, green trimmed driveway stretch out into the distance, framed by lush greens and old-world architecture, arriving at your wedding in an open-top carriage is nothing short of storybook perfect. Aside from a majestic entrance, it’s also a creative way to add some unique portraits to your wedding album.

Wedding photographers love stairwells. Not only are they great spaces to create stunning bridal portraits, but they also create a unique backdrop from the circular shape of the stairs as a couple is photographed from above, to grand chandeliers above.

A portrait of a bride descending the stairs is as gorgeous as it is iconic. Often, natural light will flood the stairs from large picture windows, which provide another option for silhouette wedding portraits.

From an early age many girls dream of that moment, a white wedding dress fanned out as the bride spins on the ballroom dancefloor under stunning crystal chandeliers, kicking off the reception in elegant style. Creating stunning wedding portraiture is something Iryna Shostak is known for, however, being able to capture raw, emotional, and authentic, candid wedding moments is just as important for creating your wedding album.

Ballrooms look as regal as they feel, and guests love to take up their place on the dance floor as the party roars on. When you find your prince, and you’re ready to say “I do,” castle-like Oheka is a fantastic wedding venue.

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Oheka Castle Wedding Photography
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