Wedding reception at Everly at railroad in Woodbine
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Wedding reception at Everly at railroad in Woodbine

Gorgeous Couple in New Jersey.This candid shot captures the sizzling chemistry between the best man and maid of honor at the wedding reception of their best friends. They totally look in a mood to celebrate today!.The Setting.Everly at Railroad in Woodbine is an amazing venue to book weddings. It is one of New Jersey’s finest spot’s to celebrate the best day of your life. This picture taken at Everly at Railroad in Woodbine, celebrating the couple’s wedding reception looks totally stunning. The mint green gown of the maid of honor and the bright and sunny hues of the flowers in the bouquet add great impact in the picture. The fresh colors of the spring symbolize youth and joy. The candid expressions on the face of the bridesmaid bring out her fun loving persona. On the whole, it is the candid dancing pose and the expressions on the face of the couple make this picture come alive! It is a moment between the two lovers that has been eternally locked in the form of a beautiful photograph..New Jersey Wedding Photographers.If you too wish to create some beautiful memories from the most candid and joyous moments of your wedding day, just get in touch with us. Our team of wedding photographers in New Jersey will be right there for you to recreate magical moments from your wedding day in the form of awesome pictures.

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