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Norristown Farm Park Wedding Photographer

Norristown Farm Park Wedding Photographer

Are you an adventurous couple who loves extreme sports and wants alternative wedding portraits? Iryna Shostak Photography is great at capturing those cutting-edge wedding portraits.

This image of the bride and groom brings a new meaning to the phrase “Love is in the air” because they have actually climbed on the wall of one of the silos at Norristown Farm Park.

The newlyweds are fond of the rustic surroundings of the Norristown Farm in East Norriton. They requested their wedding portraits to be taken with the silos on the background. But they decided to elevate it to a new level and show their climbing skills. The casual, relaxed and happy mode that bride and groom seem to be in is complemented by the soft light of the sunset. This couple look completely besotted with each other while sticking the pose. The joy and excitement of the bride and groom is palpable.

The handsome groom and free-spirited bride hold on the rustic backdrop with their vivacious presence which brings the picture alive. The love that they feel for each other is captured beautifully for eternity.

This wall looks like the perfect setting for this lovely couple. The picture highlights the couple in the best way possible by keeping the background minimalistic. Every detail of the bride and groom's outfit is clearly evident. The colors are muted to create an atmosphere of tranquility.

If you are looking for a Philadelphia wedding photographer who can capture such precious moments for your on your special day, choose our wedding photography service. Iryna Shostak is one of the best wedding photographers in Philadelphia who can turn your vision into reality!

Location: 2500 Upper Farm Road, off West Germantown Pike and, Barley Sheaf Dr, East Norriton, PA 19403.

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