Father and daughter dance at Pioneer farm in Warwick
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Father and daughter dance at Pioneer farm in Warwick

The magical Reception in Warwick.The wedding revelries do not end with the marriage ceremony but spill on to the reception party. In this photograph, the bride is dancing with the first man in her life, her father. The father and daughter are laughing in jubilation, and the picture brings out their unadulterated joy. .The Setting.Wedding ceremonies and reception parties get their glamour from the setting. This beautiful black and white photograph was taken in the Pioneer Farm in Warwick. This farm was originally a working dairy farm which dated back to about five generations. It is now a magnificent family farm which hosts wedding events. .Situated just about 50 miles from the city of New York, the Pioneer farm is a large estate of about 140 acres of greenery. The pristine land makes it ideal for summer and spring weddings, with nature being the at its finest. .The Pioneer Farm is a unique blend of the rustic and the modern. The picturesque grounds are lush green, and dotted with babbling brooks and have clear ponds and streams here and there. The Main house in the farm is perfect for an elegant dinner party reception. The buildings are constructed with large pine planks and hand-hewn beams. .Wedding Photographer, Warwick.With the venue for your wedding decided, you now need to make sure that your special day is recorded on film, so that you may relive those moments whenever you want to! Iryna Shostak photographer is highly efficient at what she does and will use her skill to capture beautiful pictures. Call Iryna Shostak now!

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