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Wedding Photography at Central Park in New York City|Elopement Photographer in Manhattan

Central Park has become a postcard destination for weddings in New York City, and with pristine greenery and sparkling water bodies it is also an excellent destination for wedding photography. Natural beauty like that is sure to spread love and this couple looks like they have breathed in the romance in the air. Absolutely besotted with each other, they are walking up the stairs holding hands. Their classical pose give a relaxed and casual approach to the picture, which adds to its beauty. The main secret of getting this kind of images without million of tourists on the background in busy Central Park is to get up early and have your wedding portraits done at the sunrise.

The picture was taken in Central Park, New York City. Its background has been blurred to keep the focus on the bride and groom. The use of the Bokeh effect enhances the haziness of the backdrop and adds an ethereal feel to the photograph. However, in spite of the blurriness of the setting, the vivacious green of the trees offers a striking color contrast to the pastel hues of the bride’s white wedding gown and the groom’s gray suit.The location of the shot also requires the use of natural light with gives the picture a calming and peaceful essence.

Best location for Elopement in Manhattan is Central Park. If you are planning to get married in Central Park or anywhere else in New York, the New York wedding photographer Iryna Shostak will make sure to immortalize your special day with the most gorgeous wedding pictures possible.

Location: The Bethesda Terrace in Central Park.

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