Wedding photographer for Brooklake Country Club
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Wedding photographer for Brooklake Country Club

It is a great pleasure to take wedding portraits in a breathtaking places with a golden light of the sunset. It was a warm fall evening. This charming couples had their South Asian and Catholic wedding ceremony in Brooklake Coutry Club. This photo was taken after the catholic caremony in the golf fileds in Brooklake Country Club. It was a sunset time and the sun was about to go behind the hills. I loved the sparkling patches of sunlight on the sufrace of the ponds. The bride and the groom were facing each other and ready to kiss. The spots of light backlit the silhouettes. I had just a few seconds to take this shot because then the newly weds kissed and kissing pose doesn't work for this kind of photographs. I took this portrait with a telelens in order to make the ponds and hills look bigger and closer than they are in real life. I closed my aperture and used fast shutter speed in order to overpower the sun to create this silhouette. Nikon D 600, 200 mm, f 22, 1/1600 sec, ISO 320.

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