Outside ceremony at Central Park in New York
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Outside ceremony at Central Park in New York

The New York charm.Weddings in Central Park are a tradition with many New Yorkers. This photograph captures a beautiful moment at one such wedding ceremony. The picture focuses on the parents of the bride and her grandmother who are present at the wedding ceremony to show their love for the couple. The mother of of the bride is crying, her eyes are full of love for her daughter and her new son-in-law. The father of the bride is holding his spouse’s hand and supports her with the blissful smile on his face. Next to them is the grandmother of the bride who is also can’t hold her happy tears. The emotions appearing on each person’s face has been candidly captured in the image..The Setting.Clichés are cliché for a reason. The setting for this wedding ceremony photograph, taken in Central Park, is one such timeless cliché. This urban park in Manhattan, New York is a favorite for those who are one with the Big Apple and want their wedding to reflect the quintessential New York..Central Park is reminiscent of London’s Hyde Park in structure, size and cultural aspects. The 843-yard greenery is one of the favorites of tourists all over the world, many of whom choose the place for special events. It is perfect for outdoor weddings- the lush green trees surrounding the Pond in the south-east corner of the park is perfect for a spring wedding. .Best Wedding Photographers in New York.Do you want to make sure that your wedding day is captured in such a way that the memories come alive with every picture? Iryna Shostak Photography are the classic wedding photographer in New York, who give you exactly what you want. We make sure that our clients are given the attention and dedication that they deserve on this special occasion. Just give us a call to get premium quality wedding photo-shoots!

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