Bride at Renaissance Philadelphia Downtown Hotel
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Bride at Renaissance Philadelphia Downtown Hotel

Breathtaking Bride in Philadelphia.This breathtaking bridal portrait captures the beauty and grace of the bride with a complete focus on her face and her stunning, ornate wedding gown. The glittering lights of her bridesmaids’ dresses in the background have been blurred using the Bokeh effect to keep the attention on the bride. Her glistening gray eyes light up the picture in a dazzling contrast to the subtle and hazy hues of the backdrop. The elegance of the photograph is enhanced by her sparkling diamond jewelry which complements the glittering crystals in her dress. Her veil appears a cascade of pure whiteness flowing behind her as she embraces her new life with a lovely smile..The Setting.The portrait was shot at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Philadelphia. The hotel is among the most sought after wedding destinations in the state. With its extravagant architecture, its opulent interiors, its charming terraces and its multiple majestic and magnificent halls decorated in the most exquisite manner, the hotel provides ample opportunities for photography. .The setting of this picture has been kept out of focus to highlight the bride in her all her glory as she blushingly smiles for the camera. Her deep set eyes and gorgeous auburn hair stand out in a brilliant contrast to the pastel colors of the backdrop..Philadelphia’s Best Wedding Photographers.Philadelphia and New Jersey wedding photographer Iryna Shostak is proud to call herself one of the Philadelphia’s best wedding photographers and she is committed to making your special day the most memorable time of your life. Reach out to us if you are getting married in Philadelphia.

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