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Bride at Renaissance Philadelphia Downtown Hotel

South Jersey South Jersey Bridal Portraits| South Jersey Wedding Photographer Iryna Shostak

This bridal classical portrait was taken during the bride's getting ready in her suite in Hyatt Regency Princeton. It was a cloudy winter day. The main source of light for this bride's portrait was a window in the room. The bride was ready to go and see her soon-to-be-husband. We had just a couple of minutes to do this portrait. Her make up was really flattering for bride's blue eyes. She was wearing a lace wedding dress and a veil. I framed her face with the veil. She looked at the window and had an eyecatchers that made her eyes really divine. I used the 85 mm telelens with the shallow depth of field for this photo. I focused on her beautiful eyes and let the rest of the portrait to be blurry. Nikon D 4, 85mm, f 1.4, 1/125 sec, ISO 800.

Location: 102 Carnegie Center, Princeton, NJ 08540.

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