Scotland Run Golf Club Wedding Photography
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Scotland Run Golf Club Wedding Photography

Scotland Run Golf Club Wedding Photography| New Jersey Wedding Imagery by Iryna Shostak

When you plan the wedding at the Scotland Run Golf Club be ready for amazing natural wedding portraits. A golf course is a perfect place for couple who wants their wedding to be with the touch of country side and open space. You can have an intimate wedding for just close friends or a grand wedding for several hundred guests and you will have lots of fun celebrating your wedding in Scotland Run Golf Club.

There is plenty of space for a big groups photos as well as for just bride and groom's. This photo of the bride and groom was taken on the field in Scotland Run Golf Club which is located in Williamstown,NJ. They are standing on the top of the hill holding hands and are ready to kiss. I captured the moment before the kiss because I wanted to show their silhouettes with the pick sunset sky on the background. When I create a silhouette photo I always want to show the from of the body, gestures and I need the couple to be a bit separated so they don't become one big odd black spot. I shot from the low angle to show the beauty of the sky. Nikon D 850, 200 mm, f 2.8, ISO 100.

Location: 2626 Fries Mill Rd, Williamstown, NJ 08094.

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