Getting ready at the Bradford Estate in Hainesport
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Getting ready at the Bradford Estate in Hainesport

Bridal Shoot in New Jersey.This shot with the soon to be bride getting her make-up done for the wedding has a lot of sentimental value to it. This is the moment of her transition from a girl to a woman who is all set to start a new journey of love and companionship! On the background there is a mother of the bride looking with love at her beautiful daughter. She can’t believe that the time flew so fast and her little girl is a grown woman now and she is becoming a wife that day. .The Setting.This bridal shot is taken at the elegant Bradford Estate in Hainesport, which is known as an iconic wedding venue in New Jersey. The blur effect at the background and the hidden face of the make-up artist is used to shift all the focus on the face of the soon to be bride. This shot wonderfully captures the beautiful features of the bride. You can sense the vulnerability and emotional state of the bride from this half face portrait. The subtle smile and the eyes cast down make her look all the more ethereal. This shot has a distinct charm, as it captures the quiet moments of a soon to be bride who seems to be engaged in her own thoughts just before all the celebrations begin..New Jersey Wedding Photographers.Good Wedding photography is all about capturing real emotions in candid moments. If you wish to recreate some magical moments from your wedding in New Jersey, let Iryna Shostak Photography know. Get in touch with us and our wedding photographers in New Jersey will be there to create some amazing memories for you from your wedding day.

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