Best receptions in Philadelphia
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Best receptions in Philadelphia

I love being the wedding photographer because I am honored to be the witness of the range of different emotions during the wedding day. My favourite part is the parents dances. This moment is always touching for everyone at the wedding. This photo illustrates the father who is dancing with his beautiful daughter.The reception was in the Franklin Science Museum. The father of the bride is hugging his daughter very tight and tears of joy and happiness are on his cheeks. The bride is laughting joyfully. They both feel ecstatic at that moment. When I capture this kind of emotions I can't help but to be deeply moved. I chose to make this photo black and white because I wanted to emphasize emotions and get rid of all distractions on the background. Nikon D 750, 100mm, f 2.8, 1/250 sec, ISO 1250.

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