Bride and groom at Pioneer farm in Warwick
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Bride and groom at Pioneer farm in Warwick

Lovely Bride and Groom in New York.This newly married couple in New York has set the stage on fire! The lovely bride and dashing groom make sure all eyes in the room are on them as they dance together for the first as man and wife. Love and romance blooms from their intimacy and fills the air as they dance together joyful and excited. The happiness of the couple who look smitten with each other is almost tangible. .The Setting.The photograph has been shot in the rustic backdrops of the Pioneer Farm in Warwick, NY. The setting of the picture is relaxed and laid back. The bride and groom shake a leg together, while guests cheer them on, take photos and rejoice in the celebration. The photograph suggests an aura of liveliness and festivity, as the loved ones of the couple join them to share their cheerfulness on their special day..The lighting of the photograph is soft and complements its overall essence. The spotlight falls on newlyweds while their guests take the backstage. The light of the decorations falls gently on the gathered crowd to make them a little more visible than silhouettes. .The cascading white and golden train of the bride’s wedding gown looks ethereal in the spotlight and is perfectly balanced by the bright blue of the handsome groom’s wedding suit. The focus is not distracted by the presence of other colors in the background and the couple remains the center of attention..Topmost Wedding Photographers in New York.We proudly call ourselves the topmost wedding photographers in New york for a reason. We promise you wouldn’t regret choosing us for your wedding even one bit. Our talented team of photographers provides the best wedding photography service in all of the state and we do not let go of any opportunity to make our clients happy.

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