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Brilliance at The Crystal Tea Room | Philadelphia Wedding Photography

Entering the main ballroom is a once-in-a-lifetime moment as you pass through the drapes cascading down from the high ceiling in the Crystal Tea Room. This first, exciting pinnacle of stepping out into the world of your family and friends as husband and wife is a cinematic one when your entrance is framed by the elegant drama of the décor inside the Crystal Tea Room. Located on the 9th floor of the Wannamaker Building just a few steps from City Hall and deep in the heart of Philadelphia, the Crystal Tea Room has become a beloved wedding venue by both couples and their guests, and a favorite location of Iryna Shostak Photography.

Guests can enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeurves while mingling in the historical atrium. An indoor conservatory which features a fountain and greenery, it provides a wonderful ambiance for guests as well as the perfect backdrop for wedding portraits. An excellent advantage of the Crystal Tea Room is its ability to give an airy feel while being safely indoors and away from the elements. The soaring glasses of the atrium provide a dramatic experience for your guests before they move on to your reception in the grand ballroom.

Each table is set with style, flawlessly decorated from the Chiavari chairs to the matching pressed linens, and each detail is overseen by experienced staff that is on hand to make your easier by producing a stunning and entertaining event. Dining on award-winning cuisine from the famed chefs at Finley’s Catering, wedding guests are treated to an evening of culinary brilliance while surrounded by carved columns and opulent crystal chandeliers. It all comes together in this gorgeous ballroom complementing any couple’s wedding theme.

I love that as you take your first spin on the dancefloor as husband and wife a giant chandelier light up your every move in elegant grace and style, creating magnificent first dance images for your wedding album. The expansive dancefloor at the Crystal Tea Room can comfortably accommodate even the largest group of dancers, making sure no one is left out of your festivities. Couples have the option of having their new initials projected onto the floor beneath their feet. The perfect marriage of classic beauty and modern touches make the grand ballroom an ideal location to host a wedding reception. The resulting images are ageless, timeless, and stunning.

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