Top Indian photographer in Sugar House Casino
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Top Indian photographer in Sugar House Casino

This photo illustrates the traditional Indian groom's procession which is called baraat. It is the most colorful and fun tradition in the South Asian wedding. It usually proceeds from the groom's house or the chosen point towards the wedding venue. I took photos of this baraat on the parking lot of Sugar House Casino. The groom was riding a decorated horse.All his relatives and friends surrounded him. His older sister, she was in the front row, choreographed a few dances and this ceremony appeared to be a real enchanting show. Everybody was dancing and singing the drummer was playing the traditional tunes. All groom's family and friends celebrated the reason that the bachelor of their family will become a husband soon and start his own family with the love of his life. This photo was taken with a wide lens in order to show all the participants of this amazing Indian pre-wedding tradiotion. Nikon D 4, 24 mm, f 5.6, 1/1000, ISO 100.

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