Bridal portrait at Atrium At Curtis Center, Philadelphia
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Atrium at Curtis center wedding photographer

Bridal portrait at Atrium At Curtis Center, Philadelphia

Gorgeous Bride In Philadelphia.This classic black and white bridal portrait completely focuses on the bride's face. There is no distracting color that takes attention away from the subject of the photograph. Every feature of the bride and her dress is clearly visible. It beautifully captures the bold and intense expression of the bride who looks nothing less than a diva. Addition of stylistic elements like the superimposed backdrop and vignette give the photograph an artistic touch..The Setting.The shot has been taken in the Atrium at Curtis Center in Philadelphia. This iconic place is renowned for its palatial architecture. The grandeur of the Atrium with its terraced waterfall and stained glass mural makes it the perfect place for Philadelphia weddings. It is elegant, charming, exquisitely ornate and majestic. .This is the best place for holding a grand wedding ceremony because the experience is absolutely fantastic. The flowing fountain and the alabaster facade offer a superb backdrop for photography. The Veranda and Hallway lounges also provide plenty of opportunities for some excellent shots. .The Atrium itself is so dramatic with its black and white marble flooring and crystal chandeliers that every corner of it makes for a magnificent backdrop. .Wedding Photographers in Philadelphia.One of the favorite wedding locations among couples in Philadelphia, the Atrium at Curtis Center is a historic destination for dream weddings. If you are planning to hold your wedding at the Atrium and looking for the best wedding photographer in Philadelphia, get in touch with Philadelphia wedding photographer Iryna Shostak today to capture your big day in a special way.

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