The Bow Bridge engagement portraits in Central park
Iryna Shostak Photography
alternative engagement session in Manhattan

The Bow Bridge engagement portraits in Central park

The favorite pedestrian bridge for all people in love is the Bow bridge in Central Park. This romantic spot is usually very crowded because everybody admires the the beauty of this location. The best time to take photo of the couple on this bridge is during fall engagement session in Central park when it is cold and rainy. Then lots of tourists peruse to stay in their warm hotel rooms and don't wander around chilly Central park. The engaged couples standing in the middle of the Bow Bridge and they are hugging each other. To add some interesting detail helps the off-camera flash behind the couple which lights the bridge and make it look different from what people used to see on a daily basis. The light also adds some warmth this portrait.

Location: Bow Bridge, New York, NY 10024.

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