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Indian bride wedding details

Indian Bride's Wedding Details | Philadelphia Indian Wedding Photographer Iryna Shostak

The classical Indian wedding lasts traditionally 3-4 days and of course it requires lots of outfit changes. The Hindu wedding ceremony has lots of wedding rituals and customs.

 For each ceremony the couple has a special traditional wedding attire. The traditional bridal outfit is adorned with stunning beading and embroidery. Each bride has a few sets of jewelry for every dress she wears. 

For Sangeet family get together, they sing, dance, eat and do performances.

Tulak ceremony is hold for a groom and his family. The father or the brother of the bride applies till on the groom's forehead as a sign of acceptance him in the family.

 During the mehendi ceremony, women get their hands and feet decorated by diverse henna designs. 

At the Haldi ceremony the family apply haldi, a yellow turmeric paste, on the bride's and groom's faces for good luck. 

Ganesh Puja is held a day before the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony to bless the couple for a new beginning of their lives together. 

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